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Improv Snacking – Donut Edition: Jackie Alpers for The Kitchn

Improv Snacking – Donut Edition: Jackie Alpers for The Kitchn

Frozen Yogurt Donut Popsicles Are you standing in the middle of a convent store in the middle of the night, or are you perhaps gazing at the leftover remnants of a box of Krispy Creams from your latest work-related breakfast meeting and wondering to yourself, “What...

Improv & the Art of Snacking: Jackie Alpers for The Kitchn

Improv & the Art of Snacking: Jackie Alpers for The Kitchn

by Jackie Alpers for The Kitchn "The most creative and inventive snacks are the result of mastering the art of improv" - me quoting me! Read the article I wrote for The Kitchn. The improv snack pictured is a bagel sundae topped with hot fudge, caramel sauce,...

Hot Doggin’ It by Jackie Alpers for Food Network

Hot Doggin’ It by Jackie Alpers for Food Network

12 Unexpected Ways To Top Hot Dogs | By Jackie Alpers for Food Summer party spreads like picnics and pot lucks are an excellent opportunity to put your creative snacking skills to use and experiment with inventing new and exciting hot dog combinations, or...

Party Peeps Are in the House! | Jackie Alpers for Food Network

Party Peeps Are in the House! | Jackie Alpers for Food Network

There's a Peeps extravaganza going on over at the Food Network just in time for Easter. I came up with 8 party ready ideas featuring everyone's favorite sugar coated marshmallow candy.  The Peeps Bunny King cake is shown above. Below are the Peeps...

Jackie Alpers on NPR

Jackie Alpers on NPR

Listen to me talk about food photography and my cookbook, Sprinkles! Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts on NPR! I also make this Lucky Charms Cake on-air to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Here's the link to the audio and the recipe.

Bakepedia & Birthday Cake  | Interviews With Jackie Alpers

Bakepedia & Birthday Cake | Interviews With Jackie Alpers

I talked with the San Jose Mercury News about how to build a better birthday cake. I also did an interview for Bakepedia, written by Lauren Chattman.  Here’s the link to the whole Q...

The Food Network: Articles and photographs by Jackie Alpers

The Food Network: Articles and photographs by Jackie Alpers

I'm thrilled to be a contributing author and photographer to the Food Network's website. Heres's a link to my latest articles and my latest photographs of recipes from Food Network Chefs are featured on my Food Photography Pinterest board. Here are a few of my recipe...

Sprinkles Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe

In celebration of the release of my new book Sprinkles! Recipes & Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts, iVillage has published the recipe for my rainbow layer cake. Click on the photo below for the recipe.  

Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts

Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts

  I'm super excited to announce that my book Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts is available for pre-order on! It's a fun and kind of weirdly wonderful, whimsical book, and I believe it's the first cookbook...

Jackie Alpers articles for Broadway & Thresher

Jackie Alpers articles for Broadway & Thresher

I'm  a guest writer/photographer for heart-stoppingly beautiful new magazine about rural culture, Broadway+Thresher. Here's a link to the article, featuring my photos and the recipe I developed for "Fennel, Blue Cheese & Spanish Chorizo Mini Pizzas":...

My Angry Birds: Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes Cookbook Released!

My Angry Birds: Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes Cookbook Released!

I am excited beyond belief! The cookbook app that I photographed has been released today! About a year ago, Rovio Entertainment, inventors of the game Angry Birds, asked me to document the food culture of their famously egg hungry pigs. Their talented developers...

Bar Food Photos for Cover & Feature Story

Bar Food Photos for Cover & Feature Story

  I've spent quite a bit of time sitting in bars, in the company of both friends and strangers, eating, drinking, talking (sometimes bit too much), and taking photos. I've put that experience to use in my latest photos for the feature, "Raising the Bar". Here's...

2012 International Photography Award for Food

I've won an honorable mention in the food photography category of the 2012 International Photography Awards for my photo of fresh tomatillos which was selected from over 10,000 entries from over 100 countries around the world. The finalists and subcategory winners...

CNN Interview

CNN Interview

I had the great pleasure of discussing my Fair Food photo project with CNN Heath for a feature by Georgiann Caruso. Click on the photo to read the full article.

Good Morning America Feature: Decadant Foods From Across the USA!

Good Morning America is featuring my photo of a giant Chimichanga at the El Charro Cafe, (graciously modeled by my husband Jason),  on their website. They say, "that they've scoured the country looking for the largest and fattiest foods.  From deep-fried delicacies to...

Burger Photo in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

I'm very happy to have my photo of a triple bacon honey bun cheeseburger in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. You can check out the on-line version of the article here: A Food Site That Aims to Quantify Healthy Eating

Foodprint Annuaire de la Gastronomie 1112

My photograph of an American flag themed frosted cake was selected for inclusion in the European Annual of Gastronomy: Foodprint 1112.   Below is the image that were selected. The whole book is filled with the most beautiful food photography, and I'm thrilled to...

Fair Food II

  My favorite fair food has all the qualities of a carnival freak show. It has elements of the unexpected; it's bigger and weirder than the food I see everyday; and it evokes awe and borderline disgust. The more absurd the better. This is my second year...

Avant Garden Art

The Tucson Jewish Community Center's sculpture garden was the setting for a fashion shoot I did for the March 2012 issue of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. My producer Melanie Sutton and I decided to have the model as well as the photographs themselves emulate different...

Burger Fever

There are some crazy - big burgers in this town and I was elected to photograph them. I was more than a little surprised by what I found.   The magazine printed this amazing Mac & Cheeseburger as a vertical spread in the centerfold. I turned it for better web...

Behind the Scenes Fashion Photos

La Encantada and Paula Taylor Productions asked me to document their recent fashion shoot for Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. All of these images were styled by Melanie Sutton, Paula Taylor and Adriana Barillari. You can see more of the images here:

Food Photography of Somen Noodles from Janos

Janos Wilder supplied a recipe for Somen Noodles from his new restaurant Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails, to a beautiful new online green living magazine. I supplied the photo. You can get the recipe and check out the rest of the magazine at Sustainable Online Magazine....

My Hot Dog Obsession: El Guero Canelo

I've been on a hot dog eating binge ever since I went to the Pima County Fair (see below), and had one of the best hot dogs of my life from a tiny stand in one of the buildings there. Since then, I've been buying every hot dog I see, trying to re-create the...

My New Food Photography and Recipe Blog: Jackie’s Happy Plate

At the urging of my friends and family, I've put together a new blog of easy, healthy and hopefully fun recipes that I've developed over the years. It's illustrated with food photos that I took just for this project. I have about 10 recipes up now with more on the...

Behind the Scenes Photos from the Rock the Runway Fashion Show

Behind the Scenes Photos from the Rock the Runway Fashion Show

More fashion photography from the runway and exclusive behind-the-scene shots  from Saturday’s Rock the Runway Fashion show at La Encantada are available on my website.       The show featured Ford Models and spring fashions from St. John, BCBG,...

2011 Up and Comers

2011 Up and Comers

Thank you Inside Tucson Business for nominating me as a 2011 Up and Comer. and congratulations to all of the other nominees. "Up & Comers is a recognition program designed to highlight the achievements of people in the Tucson region in their 20s, 30s and early 40s...

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Here are some images from  my most recent cover story for the Tucson Guide Magazine. I got to eat a LOT of pizza.  I'm a very lucky girl.                    

Teaching Food Photography

Teaching Food Photography

I wrote and article titled the Food Photographer's Guide to Working With Restaurants which has been published on the Learn Food Photography blog. All of the photographs featured in the article are mine as well.

The Lovely Ladies of Costco

The Lovely Ladies of Costco

I visited Costco on the busiest shopping day of the year and was more taken by the ladies passing out samples than I was with the merchandise.

Black (& White) Friday

The 2010 holiday ad campaign that I shot for La Encantada, an upscale open air mall in Arizona, illustrates the story of a dapper man-about-town as he picks up last minute holiday gifts for his family... and himself. Our hero, dressed in a Brooks Brother's suit, stops...

Yes, I Did Eat Menudo

I was a little worried, because the menudo I'd had in the past was awful. Greasy and of questionable origin. Plus, it's tripe. But, when I'm on assignment, I always like to taste the food I'm photographing. So, I was determined to give the menudo at Teresa's Mosaic...

Ah, Sandwiches

I recently did an assignment for the Tucson Guide on the various sandwich options available around town. I visited an authentic South Philadelphia style cheesesteak shop, a combo Jewish/Italian deli, and a place whose name was inspired by The Lord of the Rings...

Summer Fun: Tucson Tourism Ad Campaign & PDN Feature Article

Tucson is HOT in the summer. Most days hover around 100 degrees. There's still fun to be had, though most of it happens after the sun goes down, or inside, or underwater. I was paired with two elementary school boys and their parents, sent to three amazing locations...

Photography Master’s Cup

I was nominated for a Photography Master's Cup award in the Food Photography category. The Photography Master Cup is, "a global online awards show recognizing excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the finest professional and...

Buon Appetito Tucson!

I've been shooting for the Tucson Guide for a while now,  but the new March issue marks my first cover. I love shooting for the Tucson Guide because it's a way that I can help promote the restaurants in my community. It also gives me the opportunity to experience my...

My Calorie Counter Cookbook Has Been Released!

I know that this is a touchy subject for some at this time of the year, but I do have a new Calorie Counter Cookbook out. Chantal Martineau wrote the recipes and I did the cooking, food styling and photography. It's available at; just in time for your...

Sun City for the AARP Bulletin

The folks at AARP Bulletin sent to me Sun City, the nations biggest and oldest retirement community. They wanted to show how the nature of volunteerism had progressed in a community dependent on the act. Women in Sun City have gone from organizing bake sales to...

Poets & Writers Magazine Portrait

Here are a couple of portraits I shot of navajo poet Sherwin Bitsui for Poets & Writers Magazine. You can read the article in the November/December issue:

A History of Ghosts

After reading an article about this book by Dan Aykroyd's father in the Huffington post I went to put in in my cart at Amazon and saw that one of my photos was on the cover! Amazing! I couldn't ask to be on a better cover. I'm really interested in the Spiritualist...

The Spirit World Exhibit at NOPA

I’m super excited to be included in this exhibit at the New Orleans Photo Alliance. From their website “Says juror Russell Joslin: “Photography, of course, is a medium most often utilized to document the material world visible before us, yet it also allows...

Images shot for the White House win IPA Lucie Awards

Images shot for the White House win IPA Lucie Awards

Here's the second group of images that won honorable mentions at the IPA awards (Lucie's).  All of the winners are  listed here: And here is a link to my specific entries:...

Thanks PDN!

I have been selected by the editors of PDN as one of their Top 10 Portfolios of the Month on What a pleasant surprise!

Dieting In Russia

I've got a photo published in the Russian version of Cosmopolitan. It seems to be a story about not wanting to be tempted by delicious cake while on a diet. Here is the photo they published. You can read (or just look at) the article here:...

By the Light of the Moon

A while back Diane Kashy and the folks at Madden sent me out into the night to find and photograph plants that only bloom by the light of the moon. I wandered my neighborhood and the grounds at Hacienda del Sol which is an old boarding school turned into an inn. Here...

New Cookbook Photographs

Here are a couple of images from the new mexican cookbook that I am working on. You can see more of my food photography here:

Eco Trip in The New York Times

Last summer I spent a day working on the TV series Eco Trip with David De Rothschild. The New York Times is running an article about the show and is featuring one of my photos. After the Silver Spoon, a Green Life

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