Food photography by Jackie Alpers on the cover of Tucson Guide Magazine

I’ve been shooting for the Tucson Guide for a while now,  but the new March issue marks my first cover. I love shooting for the Tucson Guide because it’s a way that I can help promote the restaurants in my community. It also gives me the opportunity to experience my own town like a tourist would – through fresh eyes. Contributing food editor Edie Jarolim wrote the story. I’ve worked with her before, and she always picks really amazing restaurants and dishes.  I often have to force myself to wait until I get the shot before devouring whatever they’ve placed in front of me. In fact, there have in the past been certain food items included in the article with a bite missing. In this issue I believe all of the dishes remained in tact, not for a lack of deliciousness, but as a tribute to my own restraint. You can read the entire article online starting on page 56.

Members of the Sanchez family rolling the ham croquettes by hand.

Little girl sitting in restaurant by Jackie Alpers

A little girl dining with her parents at Casa Vincente

Garbanzo bean salad cold tapas

Guests dining on smoked salmon tapas at Casa Vincente.

Gnocchi allâ arrabiata are made on the premise

Chef behind the counter at Yoshimatsu

Healthy Sushi Lunch

Owner Amanuel Gebremariam standing behind a large sampler platter at Zeman’s

cover of The Unofficial Elf Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
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Muse photography award gold winner Jackie Alpers