My Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook, coming on October 24, is now available for preorder on Amazon!!

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by the Dutton Family Ranch, coming on October 24, is now available for preorder. 

I wrote and photographed over 85 recipes inspired by the people and places of the hit series, Yellowstone – from the rivers, valleys, and mountains of Montana to the Texas ranchlands – spanning from 1883 to 1923 through the present.

It’s a fun and beautiful cookbook and I’m so excited for you all to see it.

If you would do me the favor of preordering it would be greatly appreciated. Preorders are incredibly important to the overall success of the book.


You are going to love it! It’s fun and beautiful – and I am very proud of this one.

The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook by Jackie Alpers out October 24, is available for preorder.

Covering a range of meals, and cocktails – from hearty breakfasts to fire-grilled dinners and everything in between, this book is sure to be a fan of every red-blooded aspiring cowboy and cowgirl. Inside readers will find some of the finest down-home American cooking you’ve ever had. From Beth Dutton’s Breakfast Smoothie to Cake with Steak, this celebration of Western values and cuisine includes: bunkhouse favorites, big house classics and heirloom-inspired goodness. Dine like a Dutton – preorder now! 

Beth Dutton, "Wanna go see what the cowboys are having for supper?"