Womens’ Work Cover Article by Jackie Alpers

I wrote and photographed the cover story for this year’s Tucson Official Visitors’ Guide Magazine.

Tucson’s world-renowned Mexican cuisine would not exist if it had not been for the women who forged ahead no matter what the circumstances and who in the past mostly worked behind the scenes, as wives or family members of male proprietors, the unsung heroes of Tucson’s Mexican food scene. Nanas and Tia’s and working moms trying to survive, to thrive.

They are pioneering in every sense of the term.

And Tucson’s women chefs are are still serving it up… Sonoran style, meaning they are contributing to one of the most unique regional cuisines in the world. Click on the link above to read all about the badass female chefs who made Tucson’s famous Sonoran style Mexican cuisine what is it today.

The Dan Gibson barbacoa taco from chef Maria Mazon at Boca Tacos
The vegan carnitas and carne seca plato from chef Wendy Garcia at Tumerico
The carne seca plato from chef Carlotta Flores at El Charro Cafe
Chile Colorado Burrito from Anita’s Street Market
cover of The Unofficial Elf Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
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Muse photography award gold winner Jackie Alpers