Tucson Foodie Interview with Taste of Tucson author Jackie Alpers

“Now more than ever, cookbooks are a way to experience regional cuisines from the comfort of home,” said Alpers. “People are doing a lot of armchair traveling these days and cookbooks are a big part of that. People can read up, then get up and into the kitchen, no matter where they are sheltering in place.” READ MORE…

This interview also shares the recipe for Charro Steak’s Roasted Salsa from the Taste of Tucson Cookbook.

Roasted Salsa from Charo Steak
cover of The Unofficial Elf Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
Jackie Alpers is an American Photography 39 Selected Winner for the Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook photography
Taste Photography Award Winner Jackie Alpers 2024
The Unofficial Elf Cookbook by Jackie Alpers is a 2024 Muse Photography Awards gold winner.
Muse photography award gold winner Jackie Alpers