Jackie Alpers is a 2X Taste Award Winner!

I’m thrilled to announce that I am the winner of the 15th & 13th annual Taste Photography Awards from the Academy of Media Tastemakers, “The Oscars of Food Media”
Thank you @tasteawards
The Academy of Media Tastemakers has selected my image of a Frozen Mango Colada Mocktail as an official winner in the 15th annual Taste Photography Awards. Thank you, @tasteawards! And thank you @Sleep.com/@mattressfilm

Editorial Director: Erin Hartigan
Content Editor: Alicia Hughes
Recipe Developer: Beth Lipton
Beverage Photographer and stylist: Jackie Alpers

Jackie Alpers is a Taste Photography Awards winner: from the Academy of Media Tastemakers
Food photographer Jackie Alpers wins Taste photography Award medal 2024
Jackie Alpers is an American Photography 39 Selected Winner for the Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook photography
Taste Photography Award Winner Jackie Alpers 2024
The Unofficial Elf Cookbook by Jackie Alpers is a 2024 Muse Photography Awards gold winner.