I’ve been photographing portraits of southern Arizona artists for Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine for many years now. Here are a few of of my favorites:

Portrait of Carol Alleman in a mesquite grove

Sky Davidson at home on his ranch

Rose Cabat with one of her Feelies

Phil Lichtenhan with nest made of found materials

Judy Bateman with buzzard feathers

Acadia Alder in her garden

I’m super excited to be included in this exhibit at the New Orleans Photo Alliance. From their website “Says juror Russell Joslin: “Photography, of course, is a medium most often utilized to document the material world visible before us, yet it also allows photographers to suggest what is not easily apprehended. In skilled hands, it allows for the creation of poetic, atmospheric images through process and manipulation. It permits the use of long exposures, blurring, overlapping, digital maneuvering and other distorting effects that suggest and explore the possibilities of that which may transcend the physical realm. Ultimately, it seems the photographers in this exhibition allude to our human desire to question the limitations of our existence, or to suggest the presence of another.”

Please stop in and check it out if you’re in New Orleans or visit the website  after October 1st for the online exhibit.


“The Magician”, an image from my self portrait project was selected for the Center For Fine Art Photography’s 2009 Idea of Self Exhibition. The Juror, Susan A. Zadeh is the editor-in-chief and artistic director of EYEMAZING, an international magazine on contemporary photography based in Amsterdam. The exhibition takes place February 13 – March 14, 2009 at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Black & White Spider Awards

October 27, 2008

I’m honored to have been nominated in the professional-sports category of the 2008 B/W Spider Awards for my photograph of female wrestlers.


6×6 Exhibition

January 14, 2008

I have 6 images on display at the Rooke Gallery as part of the 6°—6 Exhibition. Curators include members of the Society of Photographers, Rodger Balen, Stephen Shore, Darius Himes, Jason Fulford. The 6°—6 exhibition was designed to allow an encompassing story to be told with six photographs.

The book launch and exhibition is planned to occur on 31 January 2008 at the Rooke Gallery from where the exhibition is planned to travel to the United States and Europe. All original works that appear in 6°—6 will be placed on sale in strictly limited editions of six.You can view all of the selected work at the Society of Photographers 6°—6 Exhibition page.

If you are traveling through the Denver Airport please stop and see my work in the Main Gallery. It’s included in the Center For Fine Art Photography’s DIA International Exhibition through July

polli and Jes-100

Man Walking

April 28, 2007

The Volitant Gallery in Austin, Texas is including two of my images in their group exhibit about weddings and the ritual of marriage. “Tunnel Vision: Parading Down the Aisle is a collection of photography that confronts the viewer with images that are not your obvious depiction of wedding bells and bliss, but more an observation of how the concept of matrimony has evolved through the span of time. In contrast to mass medias approach to marriage, the images collected for this exhibition are meant to challenge the very root of union in this contemporary climate.”



June 1, 2005

Images from my series Conventions are featured at File Magazine


Bendind Over

Couch, Party


Telephone Call