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This non-alcoholic version of sangria incorporates grilled fruit for a smoky/spicy summer quencher. The contrast of the grill marks on the colorful fruit make for a stunning visual display, so be sure to serve this in a large glass pitchers or several smaller glass carafes. 

Get My Recipe at Random House’s Tastebook: Sparkling Nongria with Grilled Fruit

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Hot Doggin’ It

May 27, 2015

My Mother's Famous Baked Beans Hot Dog

12 Unexpected Ways To Top Hot Dogs | By Jackie Alpers for Food

Summer party spreads like picnics and pot lucks are an excellent opportunity to put your creative snacking skills to use and experiment with inventing new and exciting hot dog combinations, or host a summer soirée with a pre-loaded DIY hot dog bar to get your guests’ juices flowing. 

It’s time to “get hot doggin’ it” and accelerate your imagination with the fun and creative combo ideas I came up with (and photographed of course) for the

Pimento Cheese Dog on a Pretzel RollPimento Cheese Hot Dog with Red Peppers on a Pretzel Bun
Chip & Dip Dog

French Onion Dip and Potato Chip Hot Dog

Mexican Street Corn Hot DogInspired by Mexican Style Street Corn, this whole beef jumbo hot dog is topped with roasted corn, mayo, lime and spices and served in a top-cut, whole grain bolillo roll. Recipe and photo by Jackie Alpers for


Tucson is HOT in the summer. Most days hover around 100 degrees. There’s still fun to be had, though most of it happens after the sun goes down, or inside, or underwater. I was paired with two elementary school boys and their parents, sent to three amazing locations and set loose to have a good time while photographing the results for Tucson Tourism’s summer ad campaign.

We went to The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, and The Mini Time Machine. The kids and their parents were charming and funny and we all had a blast.

PDN Magazine is running a feature article about it titled Tucson Tourism the Real Way.

Here’s a few of the images I took, followed by one of the final ads:

Boys eating popsicles

After a day at the pool

At the Desert Musuem with a cool owl

One of the final ads

A while back Diane Kashy and the folks at Madden sent me out into the night to find and photograph plants that only bloom by the light of the moon. I wandered my neighborhood and the grounds at Hacienda del Sol which is an old boarding school turned into an inn. Here is a link to the article which is running this month in Tucson Home Magazine.

by the light of the moon