Hard Candy Drink Rim

Nothing says, “It’s party time” like beverages with fancy looking decorated rims! Dip, dunk and swirl your way to a festive holiday celebration with my 10 ideas for decking out your glassware for the holidays.  The melting hard candy drink rim pictured uses the same technique as candy apples. It pairs well with whisky, bourbon or tequila cocktails. You can see more of my ideas and photographs at

A salty, spicy spice blend made with Vegetarian bacon bits line the rims of a Bloody Mary. Fun holiday drink rim ideas and photography by Jackie Alpers for the

A salty, spicy spice blend made with Vegetarian bacon bits line the rims of a Bloody Mary.



Toasted Marshmallow fluff rimming a mug of hot chocolate and topped with whpped cream and chocolate chips.

Toasted Marshmallow fluff rimming a mug of hot chocolate and topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.





I’m super excited to announce that my book Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts is available for pre-order on!

It’s a fun and kind of weirdly wonderful, whimsical book, and I believe it’s the first cookbook dedicated entirely to the appreciation and understanding of sprinkles.  I hope you all love it!



Burger Fever

September 3, 2011

There are some crazy – big burgers in this town and I was elected to photograph them. I was more than a little surprised by what I found.


The magazine printed this amazing Mac & Cheeseburger as a vertical spread in the centerfold. I turned it for better web viewing. I usually at least taste all of the food that I photograph, but I found this one a little too daunting to even consider eating.

The burger on the right features three burgers, and onion rings between two grilled cheese sandwiches.




And here is the song that goes along with this post:



Black (& White) Friday

November 18, 2010

The 2010 holiday ad campaign that I shot for La Encantada, an upscale open air mall in Arizona, illustrates the story of a dapper man-about-town as he picks up last minute holiday gifts for his family… and himself. Our hero, dressed in a Brooks Brother’s suit, stops at Tiffany & Co. where he buys a huge, four carat diamond anniversary ring. After that, he decides he could use a drink, and a smoke, so he stops at a wine bar, removes a Cuban from his Tommy Bahama cigar case, and enjoys a glass of fine brandy. He chooses a new pair of specs, straps a holiday wreath from the Pottery Barn on his vintage Mercedes, and heads off into the evening with a new found friend from the Humane Society.

This is running as a seven page magazine insert. Produced and styled by Melanie Sutton and Adriana Barillari. Layout by Heidi Zielger-Voll @ Heidi5. Our models were John O. from S.I.M. Agency in Phoenix, and our own Adriana Barillari who stepped in as a Tiffany’s shop girl at the last minute. John, it turned out, is also a coach for the Chicago White Sox.

I am especially happy to say that all of our amazing animal models from the Humane Society have been adopted!

I was nominated for a Photography Master’s Cup award in the Food Photography category.

The Photography Master Cup is, “a global online awards show recognizing excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the finest professional and non-professional photographers and is presented by International Color Awards.”

I know that this is a touchy subject for some at this time of the year, but I do have a new Calorie Counter Cookbook out. Chantal Martineau wrote the recipes and I did the cooking, food styling and photography. It’s available at; just in time for your impending New Years resolution!

Sun City for the AARP Bulletin

December 18, 2009

The folks at AARP Bulletin sent to me Sun City, the nations biggest and oldest retirement community. They wanted to show how the nature of volunteerism had progressed in a community dependent on the act. Women in Sun City have gone from organizing bake sales to starting small businesses. They asked me to photograph retired school principal Carol Struck, a volunteer who started a book store and a coffee shop in order to give back to the community using her unique skill set.

Carol Struck in the bookstore she opened in Sun City

Portrait of Carol Struck for the AARP Bulletin

I’ve been photographing portraits of southern Arizona artists for Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine for many years now. Here are a few of of my favorites:

Portrait of Carol Alleman in a mesquite grove

Sky Davidson at home on his ranch

Rose Cabat with one of her Feelies

Phil Lichtenhan with nest made of found materials

Judy Bateman with buzzard feathers

Acadia Alder in her garden

Here are a couple of portraits I shot of navajo poet Sherwin Bitsui for Poets & Writers Magazine. You can read the article in the November/December issue:

Sherwin Bitsui

Desert road

I won two honorable mentions at the IPA awards (Lucie’s). I checked out the website and was floored by the quality of the other honorable mentions. And, it turns out that there were like 24,000 entries overall so I guess I did pretty well. They are all listed here:

And here is a link to my specific entries:
KnMex-19-3-2 rice pudding-3d

Pumpkins Simmering

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Thanks PDN!

August 18, 2009

I have been selected by the editors of PDN as one of their Top 10 Portfolios of the Month on

What a pleasant surprise!