White and Red Menudo with all of the Fixings from Teresa's Mosia

I’ve written and photographed a guide on what to eat in Arizona for the Food Network. “Grub in the Grand Canyon State: The Best Things to Eat in Arizona,” features 29 of the the most iconic dishes across the state.  

Though Arizona is geographically and culturally diverse, there are many dishes that signify the state not only to its residents, but also to outsiders looking in. I photographed all of the food in Tucson with links to best places to find each dish in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the rest of northern and southern Arizona as well.  Pictured above are bowls of white and red menudo. Below is the the combo plato from Cafe Poca Cosa. Combo plate from Cafe Poca Cosa in Tucson, Arizona.



Refinery29 asked me to develop and photograph 10 recipes for comfort foods made with just two ingredients. Pictured above are crispy little appetizers made with only Parmesan cheese and pepperoni. You can see the rest here.

My two-ingredient beer and cheddar dip for quick and easy snacking. Serve it with pretzels.

My two-ingredient beer and cheddar dip for quick and easy snacking. Serve it with pretzels.

The only ingredients you need to make pancakes.

The only ingredients you need to make pancakes.


In celebration of the release of my new book Sprinkles! Recipes & Ideas for Rainbowlicious DessertsiVillage has published the recipe for my rainbow layer cake. Click on the photo below for the recipe.




The official cookbook trailer video is out!


My photo of this woman in a white dress holding a glass of white wine is featured in the international publication Foodprint 2013, annual of gastronomy.



I’m  a guest writer/photographer for heart-stoppingly beautiful new magazine about rural culture, Broadway+Thresher. Here’s a link to the article, featuring my photos and the recipe I developed for “Fennel, Blue Cheese & Spanish Chorizo Mini Pizzas”:

Food photo by Jackie Alpers of mini blue cheese and fennel pizzas


Burger Fever

September 3, 2011

There are some crazy – big burgers in this town and I was elected to photograph them. I was more than a little surprised by what I found.


The magazine printed this amazing Mac & Cheeseburger as a vertical spread in the centerfold. I turned it for better web viewing. I usually at least taste all of the food that I photograph, but I found this one a little too daunting to even consider eating.

The burger on the right features three burgers, and onion rings between two grilled cheese sandwiches.




And here is the song that goes along with this post:



The Lovely Ladies of Costco

December 28, 2010

I visited Costco on the busiest shopping day of the year and was more taken by the ladies passing out samples than I was with the merchandise.

photograph of one of the sample ladies at costco

Renee with Coq10

Mary Beth

Janis, one of the sample ladies at costco photograph by Jackie Alpers


photograph of one of the sample ladies at costco with Pace Salsa


Barbara handing out samples of Prego Pasta Sauce at Costco.


Ah, Sandwiches

November 10, 2010

I recently did an assignment for the Tucson Guide on the various sandwich options available around town. I visited an authentic South Philadelphia style cheesesteak shop, a combo Jewish/Italian deli, and a place whose name was inspired by The Lord of the Rings (Baggin’s). The sandwiches were are absurdly huge and extremely yummy, and I got to go behind the scenes and see how they were all made. You can read the whole article here:

A giant Reubin with corned beef on rye

Orders on the line

An Italian Hoagie

Frankie taking my order

Topping for cheesesteaks

Hot sauces at the Bison Witches bar

Jason holding an italian sub for the Tucson Guide Cover

Opening interior spread

spread 3

I’m thrilled to have been selected a runner up in Saveur Magazine’s cover contest.  Five images were selected from over 900 entries.

Buon Appetito Tucson!

March 2, 2010

I’ve been shooting for the Tucson Guide for a while now,  but the new March issue marks my first cover. I love shooting for the Tucson Guide because it’s a way that I can help promote the restaurants in my community. It also gives me the opportunity to experience my own town like a tourist would – through fresh eyes. Contributing food editor Edie Jarolim wrote the story. I’ve worked with her before, and she always picks really amazing restaurants and dishes.  I often have to force myself to wait until I get the shot before devouring whatever they’ve placed in front of me. In fact, there have in the past been certain food items included in the article with a bite missing. In this issue I believe all of the dishes remained in tact, not for a lack of deliciousness, but as a tribute to my own restraint. You can read the entire article online starting on page 56.

Members of the Sanchez family rolling the ham croquettes by hand.

Little girl sitting in restaurant by Jackie Alpers

A little girl dining with her parents at Casa Vincente

Garbanzo bean salad cold tapas

Guests dining on smoked salmon tapas at Casa Vincente.

Gnocchi allâ arrabiata are made on the premise

Chef behind the counter at Yoshimatsu

Healthy Sushi Lunch

Owner Amanuel Gebremariam standing behind a large sampler platter at Zeman's