Jackie Alpers on the Cookbook Love podcase

Jackie Alpers Interviewed on the Cookbook Love Podcast With Maggie Green

June 5, 2020 Jackie Alpers 0

“We talk about Jackie’s belief that writing and photographing a cookbook is an inclusive process, along with her experiences as a full-time food photographer, and her ultimate desire to write her own cookbooks, which culminated in two books, one called Sprinkles: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts which explores the science of sprinkles (Sprinkology!), shares crafty methods for sprinkling, and offers a comprehensive guide to identifying and cooking with them and her most recent book published in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic – Taste of Tucson.”

Hot Doggin’ It

May 27, 2015 Jackie Alpers 0

12 Unexpected Ways To Top Hot Dogs | By Jackie Alpers for Food Network.com Summer party spreads like picnics and pot lucks are an excellent […]

Jackie Alpers on NPR

March 10, 2015 Jackie Alpers 0

Listen to me talk about food photography and my cookbook, Sprinkles! Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts on NPR! I also make this Lucky Charms Cake […]

CNN Interview

September 7, 2012 Jackie Alpers 0

I had the great pleasure of discussing my Fair Food photo project with CNN Heath for a feature by Georgiann Caruso. Click on the photo […]

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Fair Food II

May 26, 2012 Jackie Alpers 0

  My favorite fair food has all the qualities of a carnival freak show. It has elements of the unexpected; it’s bigger and weirder than […]

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Burger Fever

September 3, 2011 Jackie Alpers 0

There are some crazy – big burgers in this town and I was elected to photograph them. I was more than a little surprised by […]