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Here are some images from  my most recent cover story for the Tucson Guide Magazine. I got to eat a LOT of pizza.  I’m a very lucky girl.











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The Lovely Ladies of Costco

December 28, 2010

I visited Costco on the busiest shopping day of the year and was more taken by the ladies passing out samples than I was with the merchandise.

photograph of one of the sample ladies at costco

Renee with Coq10

Mary Beth

Janis, one of the sample ladies at costco photograph by Jackie Alpers


photograph of one of the sample ladies at costco with Pace Salsa


Barbara handing out samples of Prego Pasta Sauce at Costco.


Here’s the second group of images that won honorable mentions at the IPA awards (Lucie’s).  All of the winners are  listed here:

And here is a link to my specific entries: – for my editorial photography

This project was commissioned by The White House to document the progress of a community initiatives project.”The Giving Tree Feeds more than 200 homeless and disadvantaged children, family members, veterans, elderly, and disabled individuals each night of their twice weekly feeding program. They serve a hot meal, distribute clothing, emergency food boxes and toiletries.”

Thanks again to the White House for giving me such an amazing assignment.

The myth that you can’t find excellent seafood in the desert has been debunked in the winter issue of the Tucson Guide.

Photos by me!

Burger Joints

June 1, 2008

I was sent to Phoenix and Scottsdale to visit a variety of Burger Joints for a Valley Guide Magazine feature story and cover. Here are some of the images.






Delux burger and fries: photo by Jackie Alpers

Phoenix Wine Bars

March 9, 2008

One of my favorite publishers sent me to Phoenix to photograph wine bars. How great is that? One of them ended up being a wine & chocolate bar which was even better! It was a good day. Here are a few of the images from the magazine article.


Bittersweet by Jackie Alpers


Phoenix Wine Tasting by Travel + food photographer Jackie Alpers


I was sent out on assignment to explore international delis and markets. I found a lot of amazing food and terrific people and ended up buying a lot of really amazing ingredients to incorporate into home cooked meals.

Prosciutto, by Jackie Alpers, Tucson, Arizona travel + food photographer

Whole prosciutto at an Italian deli.

Italian Bread by Jackie Alpers

Really big Italian Bread


Alpers_Caravan MiddleE001 (1)

Feta cheese for sale at an Middle Eastern market


Alpers_Caravan MiddleE009 (1)

Baklava to go.



Jewish Deli


If you are in Phoenix or Tucson look for my photos in the January/February issues of both Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine and The Valley Guide. PH&G features a story on 93 year old artist Rose Cabat who won international recognition (her work is in MOMA) for her small ceramic vessels called “feelies”. For The Valley Guide, my husband Jason and I were subjeted to far too many delicious pastries for a story on bakeries. I had a stomach ache by the second bakery (every pastry chef INSISTED we sample their wares), but Jason managed to plug along and down every offered confection as my long suffering model.

Ghost Hunters!

August 22, 2006

Over the summer I was lucky enough to work as the still photographer on three episodes of the show Ghost Hunters for the Sci-Fi Channel. Basically I tromped around in the dark looking for ghosts with the show’s amazing cast and crew. It was a TON of fun! You can see some more of my images on the Ghost Hunters website or on TV




June 1, 2005

Images from my series Conventions are featured at File Magazine


Bendind Over

Couch, Party


Telephone Call